VANCOUVER -- A beloved llama that went missing from a gun range on Vancouver Island two weeks ago has been found dead.

Otis the llama, also known as Waldo, had lived at the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association since 2015, when workers discovered him wandering near the property.

Since then, employees and association members have taken to him as an unofficial mascot, providing food and money for things like vet bills.

Last week, the association posted on its Facebook page that Otis was missing, saying he was last seen on May 13. 

While it wasn't unusual for him to wander off from time to time, the fact that he hadn't returned for food was concerning, according to the post.

On Sunday, the organization shared an update, saying that a search party had found the llama dead on VFGPA property. 

"It appears to be natural causes and there are no signs he was injured or attacked by a predator," the association said in its post.

"It was truly heartwarming to see how many people's lives he had touched over the years," the post continued. "Waldo was loved by many and was a unique and welcome presence at the MP range during his time with us. He will be greatly missed."