VICTORIA -- Eight-year-old Wyatt Johnson is surprisingly composed after going through a terrifying ordeal Thursday, when a distraught woman jumped into the truck he was sitting in and stole it.

Wyatt was inside of his father's pickup truck, parked at a Qualicum Beach Shell gas station, around 4 p.m. when he and the vehicle were stolen.

The boy's father, Aaron Johnson, was inside of the gas station and exited the building moments later to find the truck was taken, while his other son rushed to explain the situation to him.

"We walked into the Shell gas station and we were literally in there for 45 seconds, maybe, and as we're walking out I see the truck's gone and my son's running towards me (saying,) 'Dad, a lady jumped in your truck and took it,'" Aaron told CTV News.

The woman is believed to have been able to start the truck because it has keyless starting capabilities and was in range of Aaron's key fob, which was in his pocket inside of the gas station.

While inside of the vehicle with the distraught woman, Wyatt says he kept asking to be let out of the truck.

"I just kept repeating, 'Let me out,' and knocking on the window," said the eight-year-old.

"I wasn't crying but my heart was beating super fast and stuff and I was shaking a lot."

The woman pulled over and let the child out. The woman's family was then able to contact her through Aaron's cellphone, which was left in the truck at the time.

Soon after, she drove back to the gas station and returned the truck, according to Oceanside RCMP. She was then taken to hospital for an assessment.

Aaron says he holds no ill-will towards the woman and hopes she gets the help she needs.

"I struggled with addiction for most of my life as well and it was only through recovery and other people helping me that I was able to put that life behind me," he said.

"Part of what keeps me clean and sober some days is helping other people. Sometimes compassion is needed, you know, and just locking people up isn't going to change (things for) people," he said.

Police say the incident is under investigation and it is not determined what charges, if any, will be recommended against the woman.

RCMP add that Wyatt did the right thing in an intense situation.