Mount Washington was blanketed with a sheet of snow on Thursday and more is on the way.

Roughly 40 centimetres is expected to fall within a 48-hour period, welcome news for staff ahead of opening day Dec. 7.

“It’s really common this time of year for a lot of B.C. resorts to have fluctuating temperatures so we’ve definitely hit through an inversion in the end of November,” said Marketing Manager Sheila Rivers. “Right now we’re sitting pretty with a few flakes of accumulation coming.”

All the snow means workers will have to scramble to finish projects currently underway, like the installation of a new radio frequency identification system.

“You basically pop in the card into your sleeve on the left hand side and you stroll right into the gates which open automatically once they register the chip in your card,” said Rivers.

Staff say the new system will be more efficient in that visitors will have the option of loading their cards online. 

The resort is also looking for some last minute hires. The available positions are primarily in the kitchen, housekeeping and equipment rentals.