VICTORIA -- Dozens of acres of forest land are set to be dedicated to Langford over the next several weeks.

The land is coming from the Westhills Land Corporation, which promised 38.5 acres of forest to the municipality as part of a development agreement.

The property, located in central Langford, includes 3.5 acres connected to the upcoming Jordie Lunn Bike Park, and 35 acres on the east side of the West Shore Parkway, near Glen Lake.

The larger parcel connects to existing trails, and can be used for walking, hiking, biking and potentially rock climbing. The municipality says a section of the land will be reviewed for potential rock-climbing projects, in partnership with the South Island Climbers Association.

"Getting outside for recreational purposes and exercise has never been more important as we navigate these stressful and uncertain times," said Langford Mayor Stew Young in an announcement Tuesday.

"These lands are perfect for all ages and physical abilities, whether residents want to hike, bike or use these lands for educational reasons, this land will be there for generations to enjoy," he said.

Over then next several months, city staff are slated to develop the trail networks in the new green spaces.

The Jordie Lunn Bike Park is set to open on April 1, and includes a new pump track, cyclocross course trail, and wheelhouse – which will feature amenities like washrooms, showers, meeting spaces and bike wash stations.

Across Langford, there are 2,167 acres of municipal park and recreation land.

The new green spaces will be "protected in perpetuity for residents of Langford," according to the municipality.


(City of Langford)