The mayor of Langford proved he’s not going to put up with crime in his city after he took down an alleged candy thief on the street.

Stew Young has been the mayor of Langford for 25 years, but now he’s also looked at as a hero in the Vancouver Island city. 

On Thursday, staff at the Western Foods on Goldstream Avenue noticed someone allegedly stealing sweets off the store shelves.

Two employees grabbed the man, but he broke free and took off. 

Young was driving by when he noticed something was going on. 

“They told me it was a shoplifter so I said ‘OK, let’s go get him,’” Young said.

The mayor ditched his car, chased the alleged shoplifter and wrestled away his pilfered loot. 

Young also held the man down until police arrived on scene and arrested him.

“He seems to do everything in Langford, why not this?” said Western Foods employee Paul McKinnon. “He wants to set a good example and this seems like one.”

The mayor says Langford is different and expects most citizens would lend a helping hand, but hopes they wouldn’t go this far.

“As a mayor I can’t be out there telling people I’m getting hard on this sort of stuff and then stand by and watch,” Young said. “This sends a message that we aren’t going to tolerate this stuff.”