SAANICH - Young Victoria realtor Lindsay Buziak was showing a home when she was brutally murdered seven years ago, February 2. Today, her murder remains unsolved.

Lindsay's father, Jeff Buziak, and a group of supporters walked in her memory Monday morning.

Jeff Buziak has been an outspoken critic of the Saanich Police Department, and its inability to bring her killer, or killers, to justice.

24-year-old Lindsay was lured to a home on De Sousa Place in Saanich where she was viciously stabbed in an upstairs bedroom.

Her father believes there are people in the community who have information that would help police solve the case, and finally bring the family some closure.

Saanich Police say Lindsay's murder was a sophistocated, targeted killing, but maintain the case has not gone cold.  A dedicated team of investigators continues to work on the file.

New Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell walked with the group this morning to show his support.