VICTORIA -- A traffic enforcement blitz atop the Malahat mountain pass produced some troubling results this weekend, according to police.

On Sunday, Southern Vancouver Island’s Integrated Road Safety Unit handed out 60 tickets for speeding on the Malahat. Making matters worse, 19 of those tickets came with a mandatory impounding of the vehicle due to excessive speed. 

“It’s really quite shocking some of the speeds we are seeing up on the Malahat,” Sgt. Jeremy Leslie with the integrated unit told CTV Vancouver Island.

Sunday’s speed enforcement was being conducted in an 80 km/h zone, which police remind drivers is the posted limit for ideal conditions. 

Officers say Sunday’s road conditions were wet, and visibility was hampered by soupy fog hanging low along the highway in some sections. 

At its worst, police say one driver had their vehicle impounded after being clocked at travelling 151 km/h in an 80 zone. That motorist only had a learners license and did not have a certified passenger in the vehicle. 

Police can impound a vehicle if it exceeds the posted speed limit by at least 40 km/h.