VICTORIA -- One of the perks of being the building superintendent at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in downtown Victoria is visiting its highest peaks.

"It’s a great view up there," Michael says, pointing up to the 165-foot tall spire before laughing. "But when you’re looking down its like (gasp) that’s why we wear a harness."

While Michael has been everywhere inside the building and almost everywhere outside, there are sections of the roof that are too steep and require an expert to maintain.

"The roofer said, 'There’s something weird on your cross up there,'" Michael recalls.

From the street, you can sort of see something on top of the cross. If you zoom in on a satellite photo you see even less.

"We knew there was something up there," Michael says. "But we didn’t know what it was."

Then somebody who lives in the building next door to the church was visiting their roof, noticed something unusual on the cross, and took a picture. It was posted on social media.

"I got to see the picture and it was like, 'Oh!'" Michael says. "'It is really up there.'"

After I got video footage from the same roof, you can see there is not one, but two, Batman toys standing on the cross. Michael says the caped crusaders have likely been up there for years.

"My understanding is the cross was falling off," Michael says about what happened before he became superintendent a few years ago. "And it was brought down and repaired."

Michael was told the cross was returned to the roof, now outfitted with the super stowaways, with help from the previous custodian.

"He didn’t say why to me," Michael says. "I think it was done as a lark."

But that’s not all. On another cross, on the other side of the building, is Superman.

"Somebody did something funny I guess," Michael smiles.

The story behind the Man of Steel is a mystery. But like his neighbouring Dark Knights, he’s poised to inspire smiles and speculation from above.

"Being in Victoria for so long you get used to some quirky things that happen in this town," Michael says. "This is a quirky thing."

And whether your heroes are spiritual or secular, perhaps if we take the time to look beyond ourselves, we’ll find them looking out for us in the most unexpected places.