VICTORIA -- A COVID-19 exposure event has been identified at John Barsby Secondary School in Nanaimo.

According to Island Health, the exposure occurred on Nov. 5 and 6.

The health authority says that families with children who attend the school do not need to take any additional actions unless they are contacted by a public health team member.

"A notification posted above does not necessarily mean your child has been exposed to COVID-19," reads the Island Health website.

"If you or your child have been identified as a COVID-19 positive case or close contact, be assured that Island Health’s public health team will contact you directly and provide further instruction."

A COVID-19 "exposure" is the least severe exposure event that can affect a school.

An "exposure" means that a single person who has tested positive for the virus attended the school while they were infectious. Meanwhile, a "cluster" means that two or more individuals tested positive for the virus and attended school, though the cases may or may not be linked.

A COVID-19 "outbreak" event at a school means that multiple people have tested positive for the virus and that transmission is likely widespread.

Last week, Island Health said there was a COVID-19 exposure event at another Nanaimo school, Dover Bay Secondary School, where exposure events are believed to have taken place on Nov. 2, 5 and 6.

The "exposure" event was later upgraded to a "cluster" event by Island Health.

Information on the school exposures will remain on the Island Health website until 14 days after the last exposure date.