Transport Canada is investigating whether a large chunk of ice that apparently fell from the sky and crashed into a Lantzville man's truck came from a plane.

Peter Marshall said he heard a loud bang outside of his home Saturday morning.

When he went outside to see what it was, he saw that the windshield and hood of his pick-up truck were smashed in. A volleyball-sized chunk of ice was lying next to his vehicle.

"I wish I would've had a surveillance camera," he said.

Marshall believes the damage sustained to his truck was too severe to have been a case of mischief.

He's also doubtful that it might have been some sort of weather phenomenon, with ice in October unlikely for Vancouver Island.

Instead, he looked upward for clues – and thinks the chunk of ice may have fallen from a commercial flight.

"Looking around and trying to get it together, another airline comes down overhead," he said.

He contacted Transport Canada, which is now investigating the incident.

The agency says it will review specific details provided by Marshall and other members of the public, assess local radar data and speak with pilots and local airports.

"Transport Canada takes all reports of possible debris coming from aircraft very seriously, however it can be difficult to determine the origins of the ice," it said in a statement.

It wouldn't be the first time ice from an airplane smashed into the ground below.

Last year, an ice bomb put a multi-floor hole in a Calgary home. Transport Canada later confirmed the ice came from the lavatory of an airplane washroom.

The agency referred to the product as "blue ice," which occurs when sewage holding tanks on planes experience a valve malfunction.

That causes liquid to seep from the valve and freeze while the plane flies at high altitudes. It can then dislodge and fall when it starts to melt during descent.

Marshall said at the request of Transport Canada, he kept the large ice chunk in a freezer.

He said he expected investigators to take a look at the ice sometime this week.