VICTORIA -- Tenants at the Falcon Nest Motel in Duncan are still reeling – one day after an improvised explosive device was found in one of their neighbour's rooms.

"After what happened yesterday, my nerves are just kind of shot," said Miranada Hanson.

"Like, I live right above where the bomb was. They were saying that the bomb was so unsteady that even the TV electricity could have set the bomb off."

Amanda Mathew lives in the room right next door to where the bomb was found – with her son.

"I was emotional when I got back this morning. I actually did a lot of crying ‘cause I sent my son home, and knowing that it was in the room next to me really messes with my mind," Mathew said.

Police were at the motel Monday morning for an unrelated call. But upon further investigation they found what witnesses are calling a large pipe bomb along with a firearm, ammunition and illicit drugs.

"I give a lot of credit to the members who were on scene who were able to recognize the danger in this situation," said Const. Carlie McCann, North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP.

The building was evacuated and the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit was called in.

Hanson watched everything unfold from the parking lot next door.

"The bomb squad came in. They brought the little machine out of the truck, drove him all the way up...couldn't get it, so they brought the machine back," Hanson said.

"And the guy put on the great big uniform. When he came walking back I could see that he had the box with the bomb in it."

The explosive device was recovered and later safely detonated by the bomb squad.

“I'm thanking God every day for mine and my family’s life I'm telling you,” said Hanson. “We're very lucky to be here and be alive.”

Police say the investigation is ongoing.