VICTORIA -- One of the largest hotels on Victoria's Inner Harbour is set to reopen to the public next month after it was closed for several weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hotel Grand Pacific closed on March 26 as Victoria's tourism industry began to nosedive due to travel restrictions and requirements for self-isolation and physical distancing amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 304-room hotel announced Friday in a statement on its website that it will reopen on June 21.

"Operations and staffing levels will be at a minimum to ensure safe social distancing," hotel general manager Reid James said.

"We will be sharing, via our website, how we will be working to ensure we keep you safe and healthy during your stay with us. Rest assured, we will take no chances with your well-being and we will be exceeding the standards you expect of us."

The manager said food and beverage service would be limited upon reopening, and the pool, sauna and steam room would remain closed.

The closure in March left an estimated 170 staff temporarily out of work.