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High water advisories remain for Vancouver Island, B.C. coast after storm

Wind warnings have been lifted in most areas of British Columbia, while high water advisories remain up for Vancouver Island and the southwest coast after the first major storm of the fall swept through.

Environment Canada has taken down the wind warnings for coastal B.C. for all areas accept Haida Gwaii, where it says winds of 90 kilometres per hour, gusting to 110, are expected to ease by Tuesday.

Wind and rain swept through northern and eastern Vancouver Island, as well as Victoria, portions of the Sunshine Coast and Haida Gwaii on Sunday and Monday, causing fallen trees to temporarily knock out power in some spots.

The high streamflow advisory issued Friday for Vancouver Island and the south coast remains in place.

The province's river forecast centre says cumulative rainfall from Sunday to Tuesday could reach totals 150 millimetres or more on western portions of Vancouver Island and in the mountains.

Because the southern coast has been experiencing drought for the last several months, the centre cautions that rivers could rise rapidly and being near the bans of fast-flowing rivers and creeks could be dangerous.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 26, 2023 Top Stories

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