VICTORIA -- The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority is inviting local food truck and food cart operators to apply for sites around the city's Inner Harbour this summer.

The harbour authority is hoping to host a range of operators and styles of food. Anyone interested in applying should be ready to submit the weight of their truck or cart, what type of food they offer, and proof of insurance and operating permits.

Up to two trucks or carts of equal weight can also share one spot, splitting the cost and the time they use the space between them.

Further details on how to apply and what information is needed can be found here.

food truck map

A map of where food truck and food cart operators can apply for space is shown: (GVHA)

Unfortunately, the GVHA's annual Inner Harbour Summer Line-up event will not be taking place this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event, which usually runs from May to September, sees a range of street performers, musicians, First Nations artists, food vendors and more lining the harbour.

While the B.C. government is hoping to have everyone vaccinated by July 1, it's too early to say what restrictions may be lifted this summer.

In February, the GVHA said that the pandemic and the extended ban on cruise ships in Canadian ports would make it difficult for the non-profit organization to maintain some of its usual services.

The harbour authority is responsible for several downtown landmarks, including the Inner Harbour lower causeway, the Ogden Point Breakwater and Fisherman's Wharf.

“Victorians will see the impact of lost revenues across our properties,” said the harbour authority in a statement on Feb. 4.

In the meantime, other local tourism operators say they are beginning to open for the summer with a sense of optimism. Many say they're hoping locals will come out and explore the city, and that vaccines will have more people comfortable with visiting later in the season.