VICTORIA -- Two new COVID-19 exposures were reported at local schools on Friday, this time at Mount Douglas Secondary School and Vic High.

“It’s increasing rapidly,” said Winona Waldron, president of the Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association (GVTA).

That makes 12 exposures on Vancouver Island in the last 12 days, and has the GVTA calling on the province for change.

“It seems like now is the time to move to stage three, which has this hybrid model where some students are learning online,” said Waldron.

That would allow for greater physical distancing within the schools.

Waldron also called on the province to be more transparent when it comes to informing the public about these exposures.

“Was it one person or was it 10 people?” she asked. “That makes a big difference.”

As Covid-19 cases continue to soar, new polling from the Angus Reid Institute suggests that a majority of B.C. residents want change as well.

“With this variant, we’re back into the thick of battle,” said Shachi Kurl, president of the institute. “On the whole, more than half of British Columbians are actually tilting towards the side of restrict it further, lock it down.”

That has taken a toll on John Horgan’s approval rating when it comes to handling the coronavirus.

In April 2020, 89 per cent of people surveyed said he was doing a good job. Today, that’s down to 55 per cent.

Horgan still fares better than Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who went from 86 per cent approval last year to 23 per cent currently.

Doug Ford in Ontario is sitting at a 32 per cent approval, down from 78 per cent a year ago.

“As this pandemic has dragged on now for about 13 months, we are seeing the political leaders lose support,” said Hamish Telford, associate professor of political science at the University of the Fraser Valley. “Some a lot more than others and actually of those ones west of Quebec, John Horgan is the person whose numbers are holding up the best.”

It’s been a challenging spring so far, for everyone. Watching cases and hospitalization rise and being unable to enjoy simple pleasures like going out for a meal in a restaurant has left British Columbians less satisfied with the provincial government’s response and calling for more intervention.

For now, there is no indication of a more intense lockdown coming. The current circuit-breaker restrictions are scheduled to expire on April 19.