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Greater Victoria 'Go By Bike Week' kicks off for 29th year

A cyclist rides on a protected bike lane on Victoria’s Johnson Street Bridge on May 29, 2023. (CTV News) A cyclist rides on a protected bike lane on Victoria’s Johnson Street Bridge on May 29, 2023. (CTV News)

Capital Bike is encouraging Greater Victoria residents to choose cycling as a way to get around the region during "Go By Bike Week," which runs from May 29 to June 4.

"We just encourage folks to get out and try a trip by bike," said Capital Bike events manager Jordan Glowicki. "Maybe you go to work, to school or maybe a trip you would have done with a car."

The annual week-long event kicked off at a "celebration station" at Esquimalt’s Archie Browning Sports Centre on Monday.

Organizers say almost 200 cyclists turned out for free sandwiches, coffee and a chance to win more than $20,000 in prizes.

"This year we have some great food sponsors at our celebration stations, like Hornby Organic bars, and Dominos Pizza is sponsoring our block party wrap up at Oak Bay Bikes," said Glowicki.

"We also have a new station on June 2 at Central Library to encourage pedestrians to see what Go By Bike is all about," she said.

Glowicki says that biking is a great way to get around and there is a lot of support for new riders in the cycling community.

She says there are also fitness and mental health benefits for people who have made cycling their principle form of transportation.

"This year we have close to 3,000 people registered for Go By Bike Week, and last year we had close to 7,000 by the end of the week," she said.

Glowicki says the organization sees a large number of new riders each year since the event was launched 29 years ago. She says they have seen the age of new participants range form young children who ride to school to older adults using e-bikes or adaptive cycles.

"All the really great bike infrastructure just makes it easier and safer for everyone," said Glowicki. "We want people to try it out, come to a celebration station and see how safe and accessible it is."

BC Transit is offering cyclist free rides in Greater Victoria in support of Go By Bike Week. Riders can get a free ride aboard a BC Transit bus by putting their bike on the bike rack at the front of the bus or showing their helmet to the operator when boarding.

Organizers say they will be tracking the number of cyclists who participate in the event. They encourage people to register on the Go By Bike website and log their rides.

"It gives us a great way to track the kilometres biked and the green house gas emission offset," said Glowicki.

"It's a great way to see your community, see the seasons change and engage with other riders," she added.

Cyclists who receive at least four stamps from four celebration stations will be entered to win one of three grand prizes. This year's Go By Bike Week grand prizes include an e-bike, two commuter bikes and a family pass to WildPlay. Top Stories

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