VICTORIA -- Firefighters say that a small grass fire that broke out in Beacon Hill Park on Wednesday was likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials.

Victoria Fire Department deputy fire chief Dan Atkinson says the fire was burning near Goodacre Lake and Arbutus Way on Wednesday morning.

"On arrival we were able to locate a brush fire that was in the early stages of growth," he told CFAX 1070 Wednesday.

"It was about 300 feet off of the paved road. We were able to access it, but accessibility was a bit of a challenge with the terrain," he said.

"Happy to report we were able to get the fire extinguished relatively quickly."

Atkinson says that when firefighters first arrived, several park users were already at the fire trying to contain the flames.

"They were unable to get a handle on it," he said. "Fortunately, we were able to."

While the fire was quickly contained, Atkinson says it could have been entirely prevented.

The deputy fire chief suspects that the flames were sparked by a tossed cigarette or other smoking material.

"Early investigation led to the most likely cause as improperly discarded smoking materials," he said.

Atkinson is reminding everyone to properly discard their smoking materials and that failing to do so goes against park regulation bylaws. He adds that careful handling of smoking materials is important right now due to the season’s dry weather conditions.