Google Maps is already a go-to resource for navigating around minor inconveniences like traffic, but what about during major problems like natural disasters?

There, it seems, Google is at it again.

The company is preparing to launch a natural disaster aide to show users where an event like a hurricane or earthquake has happened, where the most severe damage is likely to be found and how to avoid it all.

"Earthquake and hurricane notifications in Google Maps will be rolling out in July and August, respectively," said Google Canada spokesperson Alexandra Klein.

The new in-app feature will also suggest safe locations for people in disaster zones to travel to.

"When it comes to these moments you're in a critical disaster, you need something that is easy, that is at your fingertips," Klein said.

University of Victoria professor and earthquake seismologist John Cassidy said he welcomes the new technology.

"The more information people have at the time of a significant earthquake or shortly thereafter, the better," Cassidy said.

Still, predicting when an earthquake will occur remains out of reach.

"They strike without warning," Cassidy said.