A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Daisy Collis and her boyfriend Dave Nutt after Collis was struck by a vehicle while in a south Nanaimo crosswalk.

The crash happened Monday night at the intersection of Bruce Ave. and Albion St.

Collis was on her way to work when she was struck by a vehicle. She was then taken to a Victoria hospital with life-threatening injuries and is now in stable condition.

She has a long road to recovery but her family and friends say it is going extremely well so far and the doctors are confident with work and support she will be back on her feet. She has her entire family’s full support, including her mother who doesn’t leave her side.

Nutt, as well, has been by her bedside since the accident and is unable to work. 

The GoFundMe page is set up so that the couple can be supported financially during Collis’ long road to recovery.

“What’s important is that David and Daisy focus on her recovery,” says Codie Bonner, friend and GoFundMe campaign organizer.

“We can help them do everything they need to do without them having to put aside time in order to go to work.”

The intersection where the accident happened has claimed a life in the past. In March 2016, a 55-year-old woman was struck and killed while crossing the same crosswalk. Visibility at that time was poor.

“At night time, it’s near impossible to see and not everybody has reflective clothing,” says Bonner. “It needs to be more visible for crosswalks in order to avoid these kinds of accidents.”

There is currently no lighting nor flashing lights to make this crosswalk more visible.

Back in the spring, the city of Nanaimo started a safety review of this crosswalk in question. However, the review has been put on hold due to ongoing road construction in the area. 

The city also says they’ll have to wait until the results of the RCMP investigation are released before the review can resume so that the city can ensure that they have a complete understanding of what happened.

Donations can be made to Collis' GoFundMe campaign online here