The latest wallop of winter weather had one Vancouver Island resident taking matters into his own hands – in the most Canadian way possible.

Police in Central Saanich issued a warning to a man who was attempting to clear snow off roads with a Zamboni machine Monday night.

The man was pulled over near Tanner Ridge Place and Highway 17.

Police politely asked him to stop, letting him know it was illegal to drive the ice resurfacing machine on a residential road, and escorted him back to his farm.

A photo of the Zamboni on the road has gone viral online, with many commenting that it’s something you’d only see in Canada – and crediting the driver for having the best intentions.

“Pretty sure they were designed to clear snow…give this man a beer!” one person said.

“Well now we can’t just have people running around clearing snow off our streets. What do you think this is a free society? How dare he clear the roads without asking his overlord’s permission first,” another wrote sarcastically.

Others had concerns that the Zamboni wasn’t helping but instead compressing the snow into an even more slippery surface.

The photo was shared on multiple social media outlets, netting hundreds of shares and retweets.

No arrests were made or fines issued in the bizarre incident.