A massive pig rescued in Langley is getting adjusted to the island life.

The 800-pound hog named 'Theo' was up early Friday morning, taking the ferry from the mainland to Duke Point.

Theo was rescued by Langley Animal Protection Society and was looking for a permanent place to call home. That's when Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary in Duncan stepped in.

Although it was a fairly stressful ferry ride for Theo, an animal control officer with the society says the massive porker did better than expected.

"He did really well and I think he's super excited to be here now," said Tina Jensen-Fogt.

It's been a long process to get Theo to Vancouver Island.

The founder of the sanctuary in Duncan says she had originally been asked to take the animal in the summer, but had to turn it down because she needed to put in the proper infrastructure.

"We put together a crowdfunding campaign and put in $10,000 worth of fence and shelter to get him here," said Michelle Singleton.

Singleton adds she's impressed with how well Theo is doing in his new home.

"He's pretty awesome, the fact that he came down [a] couple hundred feet very casually, straight to his pen, we are very lucky," said Singleton. "We can tell he's got a really good temperament."

Theo won't be lonely at his new home. He's going to have a partner named 'Lillian.'

It wasn't love at first sight for the pair. 

According to Singleton, pigs can get into some "pretty wicked fights" when they first meet each other. 

"This behaviour they're demonstrating is completely normal. They'll work it out of their system in another day or two, but yeah so far so good, I'm impressed," she said.