Two popular trestles along the Galloping Goose and Lochside Regional trails will be closed later this month as the Capital Regional District (CRD) works to restore them.

Starting Sept. 16, the CRD will begin a "comprehensive restoration" of the Todd Creek Trestle and reinforce the Swan Lake Trestle with new panels.

The wooden, four-storey Todd Creek Trestle, located near Sooke Potholes Regional Park, will receive a new foundation, timbers, support posts, stingers, braces, deck planks and guard rails, according to the CRD.

Meanwhile, Lochside Regional Trail's Swan Lake Trestle will receive new fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) panels on top of its wooden decking to increase durability and provide a smoother, safer surface for trail users.

The Todd Creek Trestle restoration project is expected to cost $1.5 million and will close down the section of trail from Sept. 16, 2019, to February 2020.

Saanich's Swan Lake Trestle upgrades are anticipated to cost $15,000 and will close the section of trail from Sept. 16 to Oct. 11, 2019.

To detour around the Todd Creek Trestle, the CRD recommends travelling through Sooke Potholes Regional Park. A map of the suggested detour can be found here

To avoid the Swan Lake Trestle construction, trail users can follow signs installed in the area that will detail an alternate route. A map of the detour can be found here

"We ask the public to not enter these areas until the trestles are officially reopened, once construction and safety assessments are completed," said the CRD in an announcement on Thursday.