VICTORIA -- A fundraising campaign created in memory of a world-renowned Vancouver Island mountain biker who died in a trail-riding accident in Mexico has exceeded its goal.

Jordie Lunn, 36, of Parksville, was riding with friends in Cabo San Lucas on Oct. 9 when he suffered a fatal head injury. Following the crash, he spent a brief time in hospital care, resulting in significant medical bills and fees associated with transporting his remains back to Canada.

While Lunn had insurance, his family said that his coverage fell well short of the total fees.

"He does have an insurance policy specific to riding,” brother Jarrett Lunn told CTV News from his home in Vancouver on Oct. 17.  

"But because it is such an extreme sport, the policies are not the same as your day-to-day nine-to-five worker. They help, but it’s not all-encompassing coverage."

The crowdfunding campaign, which hoped to raise a total of $40,000 USD, had exceeded its goal by thousands of dollars as of Oct. 22. While the family was first told that fees would reach up to $90,000 CAD, total bills from the hospital were reduced to $40,000 USD (approximately $52,345 CAD) as of Oct. 18.

"Jordie’s family has received some good news regarding his medical bills," reads the most recent fundraiser update.

"The charges from the hospital in Cabo San Lucas are expecting to be lower than previously quoted by the case worker. This news in conjunction with very generous family members, friends, and sponsors, who have paid some of the bills directly; the financial burden Jordie’s family was expecting is now significantly lower," according to the campaign.

"It is very important to Jordie’s family to be forthcoming with this update as his friends and fans have been extremely generous and supportive throughout this difficult process. They want to thank everyone who has donated to his fund and express their gratitude for this overwhelming support."

The fundraising campaign remains open, with excess funds going towards causes that Lunn was passionate about.

"These will include, but may not be limited to: helping children with cycling and coaching opportunities, biking facilities to ride, helping to establish a baseline concussion testing for athletes worldwide, supporting brain health and injury research in mountain biking, funding research to better understand the health of athletes' brains post-concussion, and how we can help avoid further losses," according to the campaign.

Lunn was known on the island and beyond for his coaching and mentorship of many young and up-and coming riders. 

He is survived by his parents, Bonnie and Brian Lunn, his brothers, Craig and Jarrett Lunn, and his girlfriend, Caitlin Larsen.