A Victoria group is preparing to help pets that have been abandoned and displaced because of the wildfires in B.C.’s interior.

The Victoria Humane Society is offering to take in animals and says hundreds of them could be heading to Vancouver Island.

The group is looking for as many as 100 foster homes to be on standby.

“We’re already looking at 20 to 40 cats and then there will be more dogs … it could possibly be hundreds of animals,” said executive director Penny Stone. “We don’t know and that’s the problem. We need to have our fosters set up and ready to go.”

Anyone interested in fostering a pet is asked to apply online. The group will vet applications and make sure the applicant’s home is ready.

“What we’re looking at is animals that will be sad, that will be a little bit stressed not knowing where they are, where their families have gone to,” Stone said. “A lot of these animals will need people to be patient, kind … be able to deal with any sort of things that come up with them.”

For more information on the application process head to www.victoriahumanesociety.com