A former youth badminton coach has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting young boys decades ago in Greater Victoria.

Harry Sadd entered guilty pleas on eight charges against him after being arrested in 2016.

A victim came forward claiming he was assaulted by Sadd a number of times in the late 70s and early 80s. After police released his story, other victims contacted Saanich police.

All of the victims were men and said they were between nine and 15 years old when the sexual assaults occurred.

“A lot of these men have experienced guilt, shame, embarrassment, and many of them had never ever told anyone in their life that this had happened to them,” Sgt. Kristi Ross of Victoria police said at the time.

Police said Sadd gained access to his young victims through his involvement in activities like coaching badminton and church groups.

The guilty pleas were entered at the Victoria Law Courts Tuesday.

He'll make his next court appearance on Aug. 19.