The first cruise ship of the season docked in Victoria on Tuesday, bringing a wave of tourism dollars and jobs in its wake.

The Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship is only making a short trip between Seattle and Vancouver, but it heralds the start of a busy schedule at the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal.

Approximately 260 ships are expected to dock at Ogden Point this season, 15 more boats than last year.

And with more boats come more passengers – approximately 700,000 this year, compared with 640,000 last year.

"It's the start of our largest season yet," said Lindsay Gaunt, director of cruise development for the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

"We project over $130 million of economic benefit to the region for the season," Gaunt said.

This year, the harbour authority and the city are working to increase walkability for cruise passengers. That means better signage and wayfinding measures between the Ogden Point docks and downtown.