Fans of all things pop culture will be returning to downtown Victoria in March for the third annual Capital City Comic Con.

On Tuesday, the event's organizers announced that Gates McFadden of Star Trek fame will be the first celebrity guest of the convention.

McFadden is most known for her role as Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the subsequent films.

The convention is put on by partners Destination Greater Victoria, the Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) and The National Toy Museum of Canada, represented by Cherry Bomb Toys.

In early 2019 the convention pulled in nearly 9,500 guests at the Victoria Conference Centre and Crystal Gardens. Organizers hope to see even larger numbers this time around.

“We’re very excited, it’s growing every year," said Downtown Victoria Business Association executive director Jeff Bray. "We’re now starting to hit our stride of really knowing how to run these things at a world-class level.” 

Fans can expect new panels, new workshops, and all the cosplay costumes they can handle.

“Every year we work on tweaking things, making things better, and bringing in different things," said Candice Woodward, owner of Cherry Bomb Toys. "All new artists, and all new celebrity guests.”

Jazz Campbell was in attendance for the announcement at Cherry Bomb Toys Tuesday morning in his full Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume. 

“Comic Con is like Halloween any time of year. I dress up with my son, and we make great memories together,” Campbell told CTV News. “It allows you to be able to free the little kid within yourself, and not care about what people think of you.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, Oct.18, and early bird ticket prices are being offered for the first time in the convention’s history. Fans can take advantage of a $5 discount on day passes if purchased between Oct. 18 and Oct. 31.