An aggressive fire burned two trailers to the ground after sparking at an RV dealership in Merville Monday night, but it could've been much worse.

Fire crews from Courtenay and Oyster River were called for reports of smoke at Arbutus RV at Highway 19A and Sackville Road at around 8 p.m.

When they arrived, one trailer was already on fire with flames leaping high into the air.

The fire then spread to an adjacent trailer before reaching a nearby building that housed propane tanks for the facility.

Fortunately, crews were able to douse the blaze before it caused any explosions.

"That is the building where they house all their propane tanks, and there's multiple tanks around that building," said Courtenay Deputy Fire Chief Greg Lamb. "Any time you're dealing with any compressed gas there's always the danger of explosion and we want to cool it as fast as we can."

There were no injuries reported. The cause of the fire has been traced back to an emergency braking system that had overheated.