VICTORIA -- The City of Victoria will have more funding to spend on infrastructure projects this year as the federal government directs more than $7.6 million to the municipality.

The $7.6 million in funding is coming through the Canada Community Building Fund, and exactly doubles the federal government's contribution of $3.8 million to the city's budget last year, according to the municipality.

Between 2016 and 2020, Victoria used its allocation of the Canada Community Building Fund to launch projects like upgrading storm drains, replacing streetlights with energy-saving LED bulbs, and improving active transportation infrastructure in the region.

This year, the city plans to spend $4.1 million on storm drain rehabilitation, and $2.5 million on bike lane infrastructure among other projects.

"The doubling of this fund for 2021 will allow us to do more now and to plan for even larger investments in quality of life and sustainability infrastructure as we begin our 2022 budgeting process soon," said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps in a statement Thursday.

"We are thankful for the confidence that the federal government has placed in local governments through the Community Building Fund and that we’re seen as partners in building back better by creating jobs, reducing emissions and creating more equitable and sustainable communities," she said.