If you've ever complained about the slow internet on BC Ferries, there's some hope on the horizon – but it won't be free.

The company says it's toying with the idea of modernizing its onboard internet to speed up the service.

Staff are looking at a number of options including a satellite system, similar to airlines, which would be the fastest solution but also costly.

BC Ferries says it would likely offer a two-tier system where customers can use the free, slower internet or pay for streaming-speed internet.

The wireless internet on vessels does not currently allow users to stream video, including apps like Netflix.

The company said it hears a lot of feedback from customers upset with the often snail-pace speed of the free Wi-Fi service.

"Five, ten years ago, people weren't carrying as many devices as they are now," said BC Ferries spokeswoman Deborah Marshall. "You see a customer come onboard now they might have an iPad as well as a phone, so people are trying to use our system with multiple devices and we just don't have the bandwidth for it."

BC Ferries isn't saying how much a paid service would cost or how soon it might be implemented.

It's currently in talks with service providers to determine those details.