VICTORIA -- The saga of a Victoria cat that was reported stolen, and then simply missing, has come to a happy conclusion.

Jacqueline Van Huizen says her black cat, named Penelope, is “safe and sound” back home Friday.

“She was on our porch this morning,” Van Huizen told CTV News. “She had obviously been taken care of because she was not hungry or bedraggled.”

Penelope’s tale began on April 30, when the cat was reported stolen from the 900-block of Caledonia Avenue.

The cat is known in the community for sitting on the fence beside the office of the Victoria HarbourCats baseball team.

Surveillance video from the area showed a woman picking up a black cat and walking away with it.

On Thursday, Victoria police said they had spoken with the woman in the video.

Police confirmed that the cat in the video belonged to the woman, clearing her of any wrongdoing. At that point, Penelope’s status was updated to simply “missing.”