A driver who failed to yield to an ambulance in a Saanich intersection and ended up colliding with the vehicle will likely be charged, according to police.

The collision happened in the intersection of McKenzie Avenue and Burnside Road West Tuesday afternoon.

The ambulance had its lights and sirens activated as it travelled through a red light in the intersection.

At the same time, the car attempted to cross the intersection and was struck by the ambulance.

"We heard a big bang, like metal to metal," an area homeowner told CTV News.

"There ended up being like four ambulances there, which was kind of interesting, and a fire truck and about three or four police cars, and of course the traffic was backed up to who-knows-where."

Saanich police say the driver is now facing charges for failing to yield to the ambulance.

The ambulance had a patient on board at the time, but they weren't further injured in the crash and were taken to hospital by another ambulance.