The Lindsay Buziak murder investigation was thrust back into the international spotlight Friday as the slain Victoria realtor's father appeared on the Dr. Phil show.

Jeff Buziak flew to Los Angeles to tape the episode earlier this year after months of dialogue with show producers.

Much of Buziak's portion of the episode centered on his quest for justice in the unsolved 2008 slaying of his daughter, as well as his frustration with a Saanich police investigation that has not resulted in a single arrest in 11 years.

He also touched on the toll his unwavering dedication to finding Linday's killer has taken on his life.

"Lindsay's unsolved murder has basically destroyed my career, destroyed me financially and really destroyed my psychologically," Buziak said in a clip prior to the interview.

Lindsay, a 24-year-old realtor, was showing a home to a man and woman on Feb. 2, 2008 when she was fatally stabbed multiple times.

On the show, her father told Dr. Phil he had spoken with Lindsay in the days prior to her murder and she told him she talked to a woman on the phone several times.

He said on the day of her murder, she spoke with a man with a suspicious accent.

"Lindsay told me personally it was a strange accent. She thought Hispanic, but it didn't sound real to her," Buziak said.

He recounted how witnesses said they saw Lindsay meet two people at the DeSousa Place property in Saanich, and how police believe she was murdered within minutes of entering the home.

"I think she saw something she shouldn't have seen. She was jeopardizing people's lifestyles. They executed her," he said.

While the tone of the interview was largely sympathetic, Dr. Phil questioned Buziak's criticism of Saanich police.

"After 11 years you begin to wonder what's really going on down there at that police station," Buziak said.

The TV host responded by stating that in the United States, nearly 40 per cent of murders went unsolved in 2017.

"A lot of people have to be involved," Dr. Phil said, responding to Buziak's suggestion there may be a cover-up at the police department. "A lot of people have to hold together and not crack or make a mistake in some way. I've been in this for a long, long time and that's highly, highly unlikely."

Saanich police provided a statement to the Dr. Phil show in which the department acknowledged criticism lobbied at the investigation, but said it continued to probe the unsolved case.

"At no time has the investigation been declared a 'cold case' and an investigative team is presently," the department said.

Buziak also discussed how he's taken the investigation into his own hands, often showing up at the doors of known criminals to search for information.

"It's not like it's some big surprise. Victoria's a small community, I lived there 28 years .These people know when they see me why I'm coming," he said, to which Dr. Phil responded: "That's a good way to get shot."

Blair Fisher, a criminologist at Camosun College, suggested that more than a decade after the murder, police are still looking for missing pieces.

"All you can do at that point is really review the case, conduct further interviews possibly," he said. "You're really looking for a break, you're looking for something that's able to move things forward."

Fisher said the episode will help remind people of what happened to Lindsay, but might not do much else.

"I can't foresee anything that would be necessarily negative, the same way I can't see a lot from it that would be groundbreaking," he said. "It's just a father trying to deal with what he's been giving in life and trying to find out what happened to his daughter."

The interview ended on an appeal to those who might know anything, no matter how insignificant it may seem, in Lindsay's murder.

"Somebody did this heinous crime and people that do this kind of thing, they talk, they tell somebody. Somebody has heard something about this," said Dr. Phil as a picture of Lindsay appeared on a monitor.

"Look at this picture. If you have heard someone talking about this, if you saw something, if you know something, you'll pick up the phone…this is a crime that deserves to be solved, this man deserves justice for his daughter."

He encouraged those with information to contact the dedicated Lindsay Buziak murder tipline at 1-888-980-1919.

The full episode will be available online on CTV's website.