COMOX -- The Comox Valley SPCA are caring for a 120-pound Rottweiler who is believed to have been abandoned at the Campbell River Waste Management Centre for over a week.

“I’m sure he’s got a story to tell,” said Kath Johnson, assistant manager of the Comox Valley SPCA.

The dog, described as a two-year-old gentle giant, was named Momoa by the SPCA after Hollywood star Jason Momoa. The organization says that Momoa had been spotted at the landfill multiple times by concerned citizens before he arrived at the animal shelter.

A good Samaritan was eventually able to gently coax the dog into their vehicle and brought him to Animal Control.

Animal Control noticed that the dog needed help and took him to the Comox Valley SPCA. The SPCA then took Momoa to a veterinarian where they discovered his right hind leg had a fully torn ACL. The SPCA suspects that he had the injury for about six months.

“He’s very, very wasted in his backend and very developed in his frontend,” said Johnson. “So he’s been dragging himself around for a while.”

A successful surgery was done on the leg and Momoa is now rehabbing back at the animal shelter in Comox.

The SPCA have yet to locate Momoa’s owner and have no idea how he got to the landfill.

“We haven’t been able to find anybody for whatever reason,” said Johnson. “No explanation, no ID, no tattoo, no microchip, no nothing, no idea.”

An extensive social-media campaign has been launched to fundraise for Momoa’s surgery and care.

The Comox Valley SPCA says public support has been amazing. To date, approximately $12,000 has been raised for Momoa, far exceeding the SPCA’s original goal of $4,500.

The next step is to get Momoa ready to be fostered. However, the SPCA says it wants to make sure that he’s well on the road to recovery before that happens.

“He’s such a good boy. He just wants to be with people and give you kisses,” said Johnson.