DELTA - A special member of the Delta Police Department is enjoying a well-deserved retirement after nine years on the force.

The member has helped thousands get through unimaginable pain by offering comfort and cuddles on four legs.

"He has just hung up his vest," said Kim Gramlich with Delta PD victim services.

Caber was Canada’s first accredited justice facility dog.

In 2010 his first task was to help family and friends of murdered Delta teen Laura Szendrei.

“Caber's support to that family and community was integral to them getting through their very difficult experience," Gramlich said.

In the decade that followed, Caber helped more than 2,000 victims of crime and trauma, including people affected by the devastating 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray and victims of the 2017 Las Vegas Route 91 shooting.

"The dogs provide unconditional love and affection,” according to Gramlich, but Caber does more than just that.

He’s extremely well-trained and able to sit in on important court cases.

"They lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, provide cathartic touch, calm people down during very difficult experiences such as going to court and testifying," Gramlich said.

Now that he's retired, Caber is spending his time just being a pet. But, he has passed on his important job – and wisdom – to his little sister Puma, who was sworn in a few days ago.