VICTORIA -- There’s been something missing on CTV News Vancouver Island newscasts this week. Or rather someone.

Andrew Johnson, our senior anchor and managing editor, has been forced into self-isolation at home.

Johnson says early this week he and his wife Angela started feeling symptoms they believed could be related to COVID-19.

They called 811 and their family doctor, and were told to hunker down for 14 days. They asked to be tested but were told they are not candidates because they are not in a high-risk group, and are not a risk to spread the disease since they are already staying home.

Johnson says he and his wife are operating under the assumption they may have coronavirus, and for them, it’s as advertised.

“Feeling flu-like, and pretty wiped out, plus some extra stuff you’re not used to with the flu, like slight shortness of breath and kind of a heavy feeling in our lungs," Johnson says. "It’s a bit harder to take a full breath.”

The couple are grateful for the support they’re getting from family and friends offering to pitch in getting groceries, and say so far, their two boys who are in isolation with them do not appear to be showing symptoms.

The long-time CTV News Vancouver Island anchor expects he will be feeling well enough to return to co-anchoring with Amber Schinkel, from home, next week.

For now he hopes his family can serve as an example that the COVID-19 virus is circulating in island communities, and we all need to do our best keep our distance.