VICTORIA -- School bus drivers in the Cowichan Valley say they are dealing with at least two incidents a day which put student’s lives in serious danger.

According to the Cowichan Valley School District, since Nov. 8 bus drivers have recorded 42 instances where students are either getting on or off the bus and deal with a motorist who has ignored vehicle-mounted stop signs. 

This means in 18 school days, drivers have seen two near misses a day. No students have been hurt. 

In response to the 42 close-calls recorded by bus drivers, the RCMP have been made aware and are investigating. 

Hearing serious concerns from the district, drivers and parents, the South Cowichan Community Policing Advisory Society began a fundraising blitz. 

The society quickly raised enough money to purchase 11 new dashboard cameras for school buses. 

“These cameras will support our bus drivers to deal with impatient drivers who continue to put our learners at risk,” said Robyn Gray, superintendent of the Cowichan Valley School District.

The dashcams will be installed on south-end school buses over the holiday break and be operational in the new year.