The man accused of sexually assaulting two University of Victoria students in their home two years ago searched for media reports of the alleged crime in the days after it happened, court heard Friday.

David Robert Hope, 44, is facing multiple charges including two counts of sexual assault, unlawful confinement and break-and-enter related to the Jan. 27, 2016 sexual assault.

Hope was arrested months later in Saskatoon and brought back to Victoria to await his trial.

Earlier this week, the jury heard from one of the women, who said her roommate opened their door after hearing loud banging and an aggressive man barged in, ordering them to take off their clothes and sexually assaulting them.

The woman said her roommate got the man to stop by telling him they had money they could give him. They put their clothes back on and led the man to a nearby bank machine, and court was shown surveillance video of the two women and the assailant leaving together.

The woman said they took out cash from the ATM before she and her roommate escaped, fleeing to a nearby Starbucks where they called police.

On Friday, the jury heard from a DNA expert who said a sample taken from the door handle of the basement suite apartment matched DNA from a blood sample taken after Hope was arrested.

The jury also heard from a tech expert who analyzed Hope's cell phone.

He told court that he discovered multiple searches of media reports on the attack in the two days after it happened, before Hope bought a one-way ticket to Saskatoon.

The court is expected to hear from the other victim on Monday.

The trial is scheduled to last for 14 days.