The woman convicted in the heinous killing of Reena Virk in 1997 has been granted new release privileges, according to parole board documents.

Kelly Ellard, who has changed her name to Kerry Marie Sim, will now be allowed to stay out of custody overnight. 

Parole Board of Canada documents show Sim had her day parole privileges extended by another six months in late July and was granted overnight release.

“Overnight leave is authorized so that you may further reintegrate into the community,” the parole board decision read.

Sim is currently serving a life sentence for the second-degree murder of Virk more than two decades ago.

On Nov. 14, 1997, Virk was swarmed and beaten by other teenagers including Kelly Ellard underneath Victoria's Craigflower Bridge. She and Warren Glowatski then followed Virk and drowned her in the Gorge Waterway. Glowatski was also convicted of second-degree murder and later granted full parole.

During her imprisonment, Sim developed a substance abuse issue and also gave birth to a son. Parole board findings show Sim has worked diligently to overcome her issues with drugs and alcohol and has also proven to be a positive influence on her child.

According to parole board documents, Sim shows a positive attitude, avoids negative interactions, attends counselling and has secured employment.

Sim was first granted parole in 2017. She lives in a halfway house where she must abide by strict rules. The location of the supportive housing facility is not disclosed to the public.