Construction on the long-awaited McKenzie interchange began on Thursday.

The Trans-Canada Highway project will address some of Vancouver Island’s worst traffic.

The stretch of highway regularly sees backups that can turn a 20-minute commute into an hour and construction is only expected to make traffic worse.

In April, a cloverleaf design was selected for the $85-million interchange at McKenzie Avenue and Admirals Road.

B.C. Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone previously noted the design will have the greatest safety and efficiency benefits.

"This is a key project in our B.C. on the Move place because it improves the transportation network for everyone who uses the corridor, including drivers, transit users, cyclists and pedestrians," Stone said.

The project is expected to be completed within a few years.

Earlier this month, the City of Langford unveiled a new high-end bus service that is slated to make the dreaded ‘Colwood crawl’ a little more bearable for rush hour commuters.

The Langtoria Greenline will launch sometime in October and will run between Langford and downtown Victoria.