COURTENAY -- A volunteer group that gives its time to help those in emergency situations is now looking for some support from the community it serves.

The Comox Valley Search and Rescue team has been located in its current headquarters on Moray Avenue in Courtenay for 25 years, but is worried it may have to move.

"We know the landlord is interested in selling. We’re still waiting to hear what the actual purchase price will be but we believe it will be somewhere between $1.2 to $1.5 million," said team member Paul Berry.

The volunteers are now looking for financial contributions so they can hopefully purchase the building. Failing that, they will have to look for new facilities.

"There’s the hope that we can purchase this space so that we have a permanent location going forward," said Berry.

The group has started a "Roofs for Rescuers" fundraising campaign and is seeking corporate and private contributions. 

"We’ve always been very well supported within the community and every little bit will help within this endeavor so both private and corporate business contributions would certainly be appreciated," he said.

Berry says the current facilities are ideal, which is why they would like to remain where they are.

"It’s a building very much like a small fire hall. It has good, solid, secure storage for all of our equipment," said Berry. "We’re between the two highways so it gives us good access north or south so that we’re able to respond quickly. It’s really in the middle of where our volunteers reside."

The group’s lease expires in 2023 and failing to purchase the current location means they’ll have to find new facilities.

"They’re few and far between that would meet all of the needs that we have as a team," Berry said.