COURTENAY -- A Comox Valley resident known as 'The Flower Man' was in action spreading his random cheer again, this time dressed up as a ‘Covid Cupid’ for Valentine's Day.

John Ludlow purchased $160 worth of flowers and distributed them to members of the public while dressed as Cupid on Sunday.

He says it’s a carry-over of the message of joy and happiness that his Facebook group, Comox Valley Social Experiment, promotes.

"I felt I had to do something out of the box again for Valentine's Day, especially being the Chairman of the Board for the group of joy and happiness where people share their stories,” he said.

With the help of an assistant, Ludlow handed out fresh flowers to random individuals throughout the Comox Valley while dressed in a diaper, a retro-Winnipeg Jets Jersey and a Hawaiian lei. He was also holding a giant bow and arrow

He says that the lei is a key to his success in making people happy.

"I’ve worn this lei now every day for nine months and the reason why I do it is, it’s a conversation piece. I’ve met so many incredible people because of this lei," he said.

Ludlow says he’s thrilled with the reactions he received from those who received his flowers on Valentine's Day.

"I just love being creative and I’m kind of an outside-the-box thinker and I have no problem putting myself out there. Everybody loves it," he said.

Ludlow previously could be seen around town driving a vintage yellow Mustang with a decorated canoe on top of it in a display he called 'Mustang Sally' for Christmas.

He says he’s in the process of converting his mobile display so it will include a giant Sockeye Salmon on it and he will be calling it ‘Mustang Sockeye.’