The mayor of Victoria wants the big players in Vancouver’s car sharing industry to come to the capital city.

In an interview on CFAX 1070, Lisa Helps indicated that the City of Victoria has been in contact with Car2Go and Evo, two car-sharing companies that both offer one-way car sharing, something Victoria does not currently have. 

"We need that and that’s in our strategic plan," Helps said.

Companies like Modo and ZipCar already operate in Victoria, however, both use a two-way model meaning a driver must return a vehicle to a specific location once finished. 

Dave Wharf with Evo Car share confirms the company has been in discussion with the City of Victoria. 

"We have met with the city to discuss our model of car sharing and explore if it would work for both parties. When looking at operating in any new city we look at things such as density, demographics, city geography and size. We haven’t made any decisions regarding Victoria, but we would love to bring Evo to Victoria if it works for all," says Wharf. 

Car2Go also confirms it discussed coming to Victoria years ago, but at the time determined that an expansion was not feasible due to a lack of density.

Mayor Helps, who recently ditched her car and began using services like Modo, believes the convenience of one-way car sharing would attract more users in Victoria.

The city is currently developing a new mobility strategy this year called "Go Victoria" which will define the city’s transportation vision over the next few decades. 

Both one-way and two-way car sharing are "exactly the kind of mobility solutions that the Go Victoria strategy is looking to support," according to Sarah Webb, Manager of Sustainable Transportation Planning and Development for Victoria,

"It’s in our strategic plan and we’re still working with Evo and maybe Car2Go will get their interests peaked by Evo dipping their toe in our market," says Helps. 

Although Helps is supportive of one-way car sharing companies coming to Victoria, she believes companies like Car2Go and Evo would require regional support before operating on the South Island. 

The city says it will be spending the first half of 2019 engaging the public to define its Go Victoria strategy.