Travelling the world, new houses and new cars are in the future for B.C.’s newest multi-millionaires.

Two childhood friends from Vancouver Island say they are in disbelief after matching all six numbers in this week’s $19.8 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

John Prpich from Port Alberni and David Dubbin from Nanaimo have been buying lottery tickets together for more than 30 years. They purchased the winning ticket at the 7-Eleven on Bowen Road in Nanaimo.

“I was in the bathroom and my wife was on the computer and said someone in Nanaimo won,” said Dubbin. “I looked at my wife and asked if I was dreaming.”

Dubbin then quickly called Prpich. 

“At first I was like – it’s 5:30 in the morning! And then all I thought was ‘what an honest friend,’” said Prpich. “I was just glad to tell my kids. Now my kids are going to be okay.”

The win comes at a good time for Dubbin who was planning to retire in January. He adds that now he can focus on traveling and golf.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand,” said Dubbin, who’s an avid golfer. “I hear the golf courses there are fantastic. And now we can fly first class.” 

Prpich says he will go into work a few more times “just for bragging rights,” before he calls it quits.