An Amazon customer in Victoria says he's outraged after a delivery man left more than just a parcel in his doorway Friday morning.

Stuart Adamson, who happens to be CTV Vancouver Island's news director, was at work Friday morning when he got an alert on his phone.

"I'm sitting at my desk, doing my usual morning kind of routine – looking through the ratings and looking through the story list, etc. – and my phone goes off with a notification that there's motion detected at my front door," Adamson said.

"I open up the app and there's a guy delivering a package from Amazon."

So far, so good.

"Then he turns and walks towards one of our bushes right outside our door and that's when it happened," Adamson said.

The driver with TForce Final Mile Vancouver Island, an Amazon-contracted delivery service based in Langford, appears to relieve himself right off the side of Adamson's doorstep.

"To my horror, I watched live this delivery driver pee on my bushes."

CTV News contacted Amazon and also shared the video with TForce. 

TForce president Kal Atwal told CTV News the driver "had an unfortunate lapse in judgement and will be dealt with."

Adamson stressed that he doesn't want to see the man relieved of his job, but he's understandably upset.

"I was outraged," Adamson said. "How many other porches has he pissed on?"

Adamson said he initially bought the video-enabled doorbell system both for security reasons and to prevent delivered packages from going missing from his home.

"He could have rang the doorbell, I could have said, 'Hello, we're not home. If you just leave the package, that's great.' And off he would have went," Adamson said.

"That didn’t happen. Instead he decided to urinate in our garden."