VANCOUVER -- Police in Maple Ridge are investigating a bizarre incident caught on camera in the city recently.

Video posted on social media Saturday shows a person standing on the hood of a black sedan near the intersection of Dewdney Trunk Road and 210 Street. The car is attempting to make a right turn at the intersection, and the person can be seen jumping from the hood onto the vehicle's roof.

As the driver slowly merges into traffic, the person riding on top of the sits on the windshield and leans in the direction of the passenger-side window. It's unclear whether the person on top of the car is attempting to get inside the vehicle, but the driver does not attempt to let them in.

After a brief stop that allows the person atop the car to jump down, the driver speeds up again, dragging the person outside, who continues to hold onto the door.

Ridge Meadows RCMP tweeted Saturday evening that they are investigating an incident involving a man jumping onto a moving car. They said all of the individuals involved in the incident have been identified, and that more details would be released on Monday.