VICTORIA -- An alarming video making the rounds online has Mounties on Vancouver Island asking the public to call 911 to report such behaviour.

The video was posted to Facebook Monday night and shows a car driving in the wrong direction on a divided section of the Pat Bay Highway north of Victoria.

Luckily the driver appears to avoid meeting with any oncoming traffic until the Beacon Avenue intersection in Sidney, where it successfully merges into the correct lane as drivers honk their horns.

"We've seen multiple factors in calls that originate like this as to what was the actual root cause," said Sidney/North Saanich RCMP Const. Meighan de Pass, who saw the video Tuesday morning.

"We do see a fair amount of people getting confused by our roundabouts," de Pass said. "If you have to, go around an extra time."

The main takeaway from the video, however, should be a reminder to call police when an incident like this occurs, she said.

"We encourage the public that they need to phone us when this happens to prevent serious injury. I noticed in this video that there was no accident and the vehicle was able to get back into the appropriate lanes," de Pass said.

"We were very lucky that was the outcome in this situation. It very, very easily could have been something much more serious and we would like the opportunity to prevent that."