VICTORIA -- An Ontario-based whisky distillery has created a new “Nanaimo Bar Cream” liqueur which is reportedly “flying off shelves” across the country.

Forty Creek Whisky first launched its new Nanaimo Bar-flavoured liqueur locally in September before expanding it across the country in October. Already, inventory in B.C. is hard to find.

“We’re just doing everything we can to keep up with demand and give people a chance to give this a try before the holidays,” said David Allard, vice-president of marketing for Campari Canada, which produces liquor for Forty Creek.

Allard told CTV News that it took one of the distillery’s master blenders months to create the perfect flavour profile for the nationally renowned Vancouver Island dessert.

“The process took at least six months, tweaking ingredients and fine tuning,” said Allard. “It’s almost like tuning a piano, to kind of get as close as possible to get that Nanaimo Bar flavour.”

The flavours include hints of wafer, coconut, chocolate and rich custard, says Allard.

Nanaimo Bar Cream liqueur is available at 100 BC Liquor Stores and approximately 200 private liquor stores in the province, according to Forty Creek.

Given the success of the product, the distillery hopes to make the dessert liqueur a permanent addition to its portfolio.

“It’s made in Canada, it’s made in our distillery here in Ontario, in Grimsby, by a passionate and hardworking team that’s desperately trying to keep up with demand,” said Allard. “They’re doing the best they can and they’re just so proud of the success.”

“We really appreciate all of the great response,” he said.