Vancouver Island’s building boom has reached record heights.

The construction industry is on pace for its busiest year yet, with $1.5 billion in building permits issued in the Capital Regional District alone.

“Better than we’ve probably ever historically done,” said Greg Baynton. CEO of the Vancouver Island Construction Association. “We’re heading into a record-breaking year in terms of employment, number of jobs, investment, community impacts, all of those things.”

On places like the West Shore, permits are up by as much as 45 per cent – meaning demand for construction workers is also up.

That’s evident in places like Victoria, where 14,000 construction workers are plying their trade – with more needed.

Students are taking advantage of the construction boom, saying there are more jobs available by the day.

“There’s so much stuff going on in Victoria. You have guaranteed work for like, 10 years, at least,” said Jada Leno of the Construction and Trades to Success program.

The course is paid for by the federal government, and provides people under 30 three weeks of class time followed by 20 weeks on the job.

The students will be joining workers like Andrew Degeoede, who has worked in the industry for a decade – and says the current conditions are the best he’s ever seen for workers.

“The more demand, it means wages increase, guys get changes at moving up the ladder more than they would normally,” he said.

It’s not just good news for workers. Some in the industry estimate that every new construction job generates an additional five to seven jobs in other industries.

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island's Robert Buffam