A woman is crediting staff at a West Shore restaurant for turning an embarrassing situation into an overwhelmingly positive one after a man yelled at her and her young son who was having a tantrum.

Jennie Nilsson took her two boys to the Boston Pizza in Langford Wednesday night for her older son’s seventh birthday.

As they were being seated her three-year-old son began to throw a temper tantrum and wouldn’t budge.

“He was screaming and I moved him a little bit closer to the door to be out of the restaurant area,” Nilsson told CTV News Thursday. “He wouldn’t move and the more I talked to him, the louder he screamed.”

Within moments, a man sitting next to where her older son was seated let loose.

“He really screamed very loudly,” she said. “He said ‘Take your kid outside, God!’ and I couldn’t take him outside because my other son was by himself.”

Nilsson said she felt “really embarrassed” because she knew her son was being disruptive, but said she was doing the best she could under the circumstances because her husband had not yet joined them.

“I thought that everybody felt that way, like the whole restaurant was feeling like I should get out of there,” she said.

But that wasn’t the case.

Staff at the restaurant quickly jumped in, with one woman coming over to comfort the mother and her younger son.

“She sat next to me and said it was okay, people here have kids and they understand how kids are,” she said.

While that happened, a hostess went to sit and talk with her older son who was still sitting by himself.

Finally, a manager went over to talk to the man who yelled. He was asked to leave, and got up and exited the restaurant to claps and cheers from other patrons, according to Nilsson.

Not only that, but the restaurant paid for the family’s bill to make up for the unfortunate incident.

“They went above and beyond anything that was necessary,” said Nilsson. “It started out as an awful experience and turned into a positive one.”

Nilsson shared the story on her Facebook, where the post has since attracted hundreds of ‘likes.’

While many commenters have expressed their support for the restaurant – others are criticizing the mother for not taking her younger son outside.

“I really do get that part of the story too but I was a bit between a rock and a hard place given the circumstances,” she said. “But I don’t think it’s ever okay to yell aggressively at somebody.”

She said she is recommending the Boston Pizza location to other parents as a great place to bring families.